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Any monthly updates your council makes to the register will be updated on our records.If you only recently registered on the electoral roll then we may still be updating our records. If you recently moved ask your local authority to add your name to the electoral roll at your new address.They will then tell us so we can update your report.Click here for more information about registering to vote.We are updating our records of all our members/ sponsors/ players/ supporters.Could you please email us your details including your name/ home address/ mobile number. All information will be held with the strictest confidence.It means they can check that people live at the address given on their application forms and helps prevent fraud and money laundering.Companies will take electoral roll information at previous addresses into consideration when making a decision.

We receive monthly changes from Local Authorities and these should be amended within 28 days.

To help combat this, some bigger bureau now list information as "guaranteed" or "assumed".

If you are cleaning your own information and have had something returned, or if a cleansing exercise with a bureau returns data as a probable 'moved-away', don’t delete the information straight away.

If you've already done so and have documentation from the local authority confirming an amendment to the electoral roll, forward this to all credit reference agencies. Click here for contact information for other credit reference agencies.

The electoral roll information we hold does not show the exact dates of residency but the dates your name was registered by the Local Authority.

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We are continually striving to improve the services we provide to residents.

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