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Majorhave a metal detector, but did employ a security of- court decisions are described.These issues remainficer who was aware of the background of these two controversial, so that continued societal discussionstudents.under the inflruence of drugs, does that official have Those in opposition argued for student privacy.Support the right to require all students to submit to a drugand opposition were about equally divided. Can the official search a student's backpack,as a result of an incident in 1999, support for meta l locker, automobile, or pockets?A major issue addressed by the courts into maintain order and the rights of students ro express these cases is "reasonableness." This term is not Ii.miredthemselves freely.Differences of opinion regarding ro constitutional issues.May an administra-detectors and other safety measures may be more strongly tor perform a strip search of a student?supported and student privacy a less persuasive argu- School offiicials, state legislatures, and the courtsment in many American communities. For ex- The incident referred to occurred on a June morn- ample, the Supreme Court in Vernonia School Districting in 1999 at Columbine H igh School in Colorado. Acton (1995) decreed that random urinalysis tests Two students, each dressed in a long black trench for drugs were legal.coat, opened rifle fire on their classmates and killed Most cases of free expression involve studenttwelve fellow students.

Introduction What is the appropriate balance between students' High school students in a large high school in urban freedom of expression and the rights of others in the California pass through a metal detector each mornjng education envi.ronment?

The incide nt that gave rise to the suit wasand the Fourth.

Of all the freedoms guaranteed in this triggered by a meeting of adults and young people incountry, none is more protected than freedom of speech December of 1965 at the Eckhardt home.

If a teenage girl attends school with pink hair, jangly large nose rings, or a cropped shirt-or a male student comes in with a piercedas they enter the school campus.

When the local school tongue and green hair-do school personnel have theboard decided to insta U metal detectors, board members right to consider this appearance and attire inappro-had received both support and resistance from the com-munjty.

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The par-and the press and the right to peaceahle assembly as ticipants discussed how to publicize their objectionsestablished in the First Amendment, which states: to the Vietnam War.

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