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Hans Frank advocated for the transformation of some or all of his province into a "Vandalengau", in honor of the East Germanic Vandal tribes who in Ancient Times had dwelt in the Vistula river basin before the Barbarian migrations.

In late 1939 a sixteen-man commission was also active to chart the boundaries of a projected Reichsgau Beskidenland (named after the Beskid mountain range), which would have encompassed the areas lying west of Kraków up to the San river to the east of it.

Other Polish territories, first annexed by Soviet Union and then by Germany, was incorporated into Reichskommissariat Ostland (in the north), Reichskommissariat Ukraine (in the south) and the General Government (Distrikt Galizien in the utmost south).

The Nazi government intended to continue its incorporation of pre-war Polish territory into the Third Reich.

On October 7, 1939, Hitler appointed Heinrich Himmler as his settlement commissioner, responsible for all resettlement measures in the Altreich and the annexed territories as well as the Nazi-Soviet population exchanges.

The RKF staff (Stabshauptamt RKF) through the Hauptamt Volksdeutsche Mittelstelle (VOMI) and the 'Main Department of Race and Settlement' (Rasse- und Siedlungs-Hauptamt, Ru SHA) of the SS planned and executed the war-time resettlement and extermination process in the annexed territories.

After Vistula-Oder offensive in early 1945, the Soviet Union took control over the territories.

The ethnic German population either fled the Red Army or were later expelled and the territories became part of the People's Republic of Poland. Since 1935, Nazi Germany was divided into provinces (Gaue) which had replaced the former German states and Prussian provinces.

Reichsgau West Prussia was renamed "Reichsgau Danzig-West Prussia".

The occupied General Government remained outside the Third Reich.

The annexation violated international law (in particular, the Hague Convention IV 1907).

The local Jewish population was forced to live in ghettos, and was gradually deported to concentration and extermination camps, the most infamous of which, Auschwitz, was located in annexed East Upper Silesia.

The local Polish population was to be gradually enslaved, exterminated and eventually replaced by German settlers.

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On 8 and 13 September 1939, the German military districts of "Posen" (Poznań), commanded by General Alfred von Vollard-Bockelberg (de), and "Westpreußen" (West Prussia), commanded by Walter Heitz, were established in conquered Greater Poland and Pomerelia, respectively.

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