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Phpass online dating

Emoticon is used as alternatives to non verbal gestures such as demure glances and eyebrow flashes which are not easily replicated online (Whitty, 2003).

Key words: semiotics, Kaskus, emotion, icon, emoticon, Kaskus emoticon Nowadays, internet has developed into an effective and global media as a communication tool.

Noticed from the official website Kaskus-The Largest Indonesian Community: Kaskus Forum-Online Community #1 for Indonesian Community, Kaskus has two main forums on it; namely custom forum and trading forum.

Each forum has its own sub-forums with their typical characteristics, from ordinary thing until the extraordinary one.

The custom forum is divided into several sub-forums where the user-which is called "kaskuser", shares everything.

Based on observation among the kaskusers, the most popular forum is CAS-CIS-CUS, in which the kaskusers there can share anything, from the latest news and gossips to their problems.

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Lawson and Leck (2006) observe that emoticon is used to compensate the lack of non verbal and para verbal cues.

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