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I knew him before this as "A poor man's Troy Baker" (to the point that he took over the role of Kanji in the Persona series from Baker on numerous occasions), though now I think of Troy Baker as "that guy who sounds like Matt Mercer but doesn't run an amazing D&D game.").

Matt is, as any good GM is, the lynchpin of the game.

He's always good for a quip or a badass line, too- my favorite being when the party was split- . Vex'Aliah and Trinket, Half-Elven Ranger and Bear, played by Laura Bailey Laura Bailey is known for approximately a metric ton of roles- Lucina from Fire Emblem Awakening, Rise Kujikawa in Persona 4, The Boss in Saint's Row, Isara in Valkyria Chronicles, Serah in FFXIII, and tons, tons more.

He's another advocate for practicality in the party, and has an awful lot of fun shooting things in the head with his guns.

Vox Machina Vax'Ildan, Half-Elven Rogue, played by Liam O'Brien.

Liam O'Brien was probably my favorite VA at the table before this show began.

Couple that with excellent production values for a roleplaying game (Matt Mercer, the DM, puts in a ton of work on maps and miniatures) and the fact that the entire cast are all accomplished voice actors who are into their characters, and you just generally have something that is a)phenomenally entertaining, seriously, and b)What I think is the single greatest way to give someone an idea of what roleplaying should look like short of actually playing it yourselves.

I live in Tokyo and the group is in Los Angeles, so their Thursday night schedule sadly does not work for me, as I am at work and unable to watch, but the full videos go on the website I linked above usually around the beginning of the next week.

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He has a fantastic knack for descriptions, particularly of dungeons (I've gotten a much better picture of some of his dungeons rather than his cities), is great at creating NPCs, and has an absolutely fantastic assortment of voices that he utilizes well to give amazing characterization to a ton of NPCs (Keemah, the halfling Paladin is something of a favorite).

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