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Love jasmine chat

Especially audiences when you go to different countries around the world.

In Japan, everyone is so quiet and respectful, you can hear a pin drop during the performance.

So my parents put me in hockey in the beginning, but I felt it was too rough, and I really couldn’t even stand up on the ice. What was the audition process like in terms of what character you were going to end up portraying? Do you try to audition for certain parts, or do you just show off what you have in your own choreography and they take it from there?

My sister happened to be skating at the time, and I thought, “Well, let me try that first before I get into hockey,” and that’s how I learned to skate. Bonard: We had one talent coordinator who works in an office in Florida, and she has the job of placing everybody in certain roles based on their skills, their look and everything like that. Bonard: You do an audition that would show off all of your best things that you can do.

In Dream Big Bonard and Tatjana will skate together as Flynn Rider and Rapunzel, respectively.

After meeting during the show nine years ago (Tatjana played Cinderella to Bonard’s Prince Eric), the pair began dating and have since married.

Along the way they’ll meet other notables from the Disney franchise lineup, including Elsa and Anna from Frozen, Snow White’s seven dwarfs, Genie and Aladdin.

So they have to work together with making the costume look like the cartoon, but also making it workable for us to do all of the tricks we need to do.

What is practice and daily life for you two like leading up to and during the shows?

The show follows eight princesses from the Disney animated movie features — Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Snow White and Tiana — jumping, lifting and twirling their way to adventure, as they attempt to make their ultimate dreams come true.

Bonard Muck: Growing up in eastern Canada, ice hockey was second nature to everybody.

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We do spend a lot of time inside the building, so I like to go outside on my days off.