Germans put homosexuals concentration camps

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Germans put homosexuals concentration camps

Look closely at the display, as I did on a recent visit, and you’ll notice that the museum has blotted out the last names and addresses of the accused men.They are only identified as Heinz M and Arthur L and “the homosexual tailor, K.” Why hide their names?To this day, homosexuality has a negative connotation, preventing full research of Nazi persecution of these individuals to be completed.In its place today stands the Topography of Terror — a museum that meticulously documents the atrocities Nazis planned and executed on those very grounds.Our report does not include female homosexuals because at this time sexual relations between women was not illegal and therefore they were not persecuted for their sexuality.The estimate of homosexual victims of the Holocaust ranges from less than 10,000 to one million, as the result of a variety of factors.Interestingly, some Nazi guards preferred homosexuals over Jewish women.

In 1933, the Nazis came to power and put their anti-homosexual campaign into effect.“We decided to anonymize the names of the homosexuals to protect their privacy,” wrote Andreas Sander, who curated that section of the exhibit, in an email.“Not every homosexual wants his homosexuality to be made public.I think we have to respect this.” But there were no specific requests by family members to conceal their names, Sander said.For "similar social reasons," the exhibit also conceals the names of those deemed by the Nazis to be “asocial elements." Sander said that is also in accordance with data privacy regulations enforced by the Berlin city archive, which provided most of the documents and photos. In other memorials and exhibits that depict the horrors of the Nazis, the names of victims — particularly Jewish victims — are prominently displayed.

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First of all, Nazis had little concern over the number of homosexuals they killed; therefore, they did not maintain precise records.

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