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I could use a new microphone for the Samurai Gaiden videos, too, want to see if they have lapel mics; they do not, by the way. Go in there and the nice lady at customer service gives me a blank fucking look and says, “Sorry, the card is actually issued through Citibank, you can only charge on it here, you have to go into a Citibank or call them to get any issues with the card sorted out.Our you could go on to their website.” “There website is down every time I try it.But no, you folks deserve to know what Best Buy is doing and I hope I can save you all from having the same issue. I recently bought a whole new computer system there: Laptop, Desktop, the Hauppage, and all the accouterments that were necessary.While checking out the awesomely helpful worker there offered us the chance to get a Best Buy credit card.But the points we would get from the Best Buy Credit Card would equal out to 5 in gift cards.Sure they were all from Best Buy, but there were a few things we planned to pick up from there in the future, anyway.

This means that you could spend your Square Cash balance on Amazon (or any online shopping site) by simply entering this virtual card number as a payment option.

But with the bonuses they were running, we would get almost 7,000 points.

We would only get 1500 points on our own credit card, enough for a 0 gift card…and not much else.

Now users can pay a 1% fee for an instant (same-day) withdraw, or wait until the next day for a free transfer.

Venmo offers next-day withdraws for free, with no faster paid option.

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Most people claim that doesn’t make sense, because they don’t have a Best Buy credit card; number has a 65% scammer rating. Same thing, they claim to be Best Buy credit services, but this one has an 83% scammer rating online. Then a third number starts calling, same thing as the other two. We got the card in October, it’s now November, I’ll get another bill either late this month or early December. Try logging in the website again to see what the balance is, maybe? Site’s down, it freezes up and locks everything up. Good, the other browser doesn’t lock up the whole system…it just doesn’t go anywhere. December…January…February…maybe I should head back in to the store and see what I can do there?

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