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El clon telemundo capitulo 179 online dating

We were all given the impression at the time Rocky had found out something to do with Reina and all the attempts on Reina's life. Anita, thanks for reminding us of the mysterious circumstances of Rocky's death. Doris and Vivi, we need to thank Jean for the Juanjo pic!

Wouldn't it be a TWIST if it turns out Reina HAS been behind all of this. Is Andres' house where Estefi and Original Recipe Big O ended up in Las Vegas? Estefi did score some money from the desk of the head doctor at the clinic. Jean, Just to clarify about the house, here's a little info that I didn't include in the Three Cap...

Novela Maven- No praise is great enough to thank you for this extraordinary recap of three episodes. I was amused that they left the Garnier and beer placements in when so much important stuff was cut. You can find it in the body of the recap...if, you know, that's the kind of thing that interests you.[snort] And another thing (aside from undies and socks), NM, I agree about the writers' dilemma.

But I was appalled by the long rape porn scenes with Susana and the doc. And was it really necessary for the writers to have the character who was brutally raped previously go through this again? Even though they had a certain trajectory and had to arc even higher, I think it's sliding into confusion with too many characters.

It was weird that ORBO worried about Andrés coming home and finding them there. NM and Jean--The house is in the Miami area (there was one of those white superimposed signs out front to make sure we knew where they were).I'm on my way home to a marathon catch up session. I'm going to read it again now just to try and figure out what is going on. I just watched Mauricio's full episodes and now I'm reading the full recap. ) chose him as the first victim of his evil scheme. I also love the way the novela negra theme resonates with the name Agatha chosen by the death-obsessed Dra. We have these novela-negra obsessed characters within the spoof of the novela negra that this whole story represents. Then she tells Laz about the cries of tortured people and something else that caused her stop doing missions. Novela Maven - the only reason I noticed the beer bottle in Juan Jo's hand is because I did not have the Closed Captions on. Which explains why I noticed Juan Jo's star-spangled undies (! ;-) deb, I always feel as if my recaps aren't quite worthy of your comments.Ok so I just finished watching Thursday's uncut episodes, reading Mauricio's recap and Novela Maven's addition of cut scenes. Threatened to kill Victor if he doesn't give her the red diamonds, which she already has 3 of. When Victor can't produce the diamonds, she changes the threat to killing him unless he gives her a baby. My personal favs are: ---“(Fortunately for Juanjo, she is wearing clinic-issued soft tennies, not those lethal spikes she wore for the first 100 episodes.)” and --- ”(He is such a beautiful child that those of us who speculated, however briefly, that he might end up as spare parts are deeply ashamed.)” Tijeracide and cramming 3-in-1 (yes, like the oil) really is a lot for a viewer to process. So many wackos, sickos and pervs, and now we find out FPGELS and his adopted sister had an affair. We could have lived without that knowledge, really. What if this trauma was connected to getting married and now that she is marrying Laz, it's all coming back? : DDoris, yes, you definitely notice more visual details without the distraction of the captions. From now on, he'll feel pursued, trapped, threatened."Victor drools over the prospect of destroying one secret agent a day for 179 days. Of course, commentors are probably aware that many of their nuggets have been polished up and are now presented as rare gems. Plus once again you filled in the missing parts, which means you had to spend a longgg time looking at all the capitulos that were chopped up into one butchered one. Moto and Laz were getting married last night, and, if I didn’t have all these wonderful recaps, I would have been astonished. It's getting harder and harder to mine nuggets from Our Dragon's current activities and behavior. Novela Maven – Superbly written, lots of great, funny lines!

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(He is such a beautiful child that those of us who speculated, however briefly, that he might end up as spare parts are deeply ashamed.) NM--Thanks for clarifying "Martian" for me. Also, you are so kind to republish the last edition of the Wisdom of the Dragon.